Why Cremation?

People choose cremation for a variety of reasons.  Some do so based on environmental concerns, philosphical or religious reasons and some for cost. Whatever the reason, we're here to help you with any questions you may have.

With cremation, there are many options families have. One is to have a traditional funeral with visitation, having the casket opened or closed or no casket at all, having a beautiful urn with a picture or video to accompany the tribute. All of these options can be held publicly or privately at the venue of your choice.  Some may want to inter the urn after the cremation takes place and some people like to have their loved ones with them in their own home. 

Again, all of these options are personal choices and we are here to help you come up with a dignified solution.
Please visit our merchandise page to view some of our offerings here at our home and it may also answer some of your important questions.
Meaningful Funerals - Please visit this great link showing some options of services and why its important to people to actually have a service/celebration tribute.